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Owner: Lisa Lacabanne, Vet Tech
   Taking care of your pets and home
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"I've loved animals my whole a kid I would bring home stray kittens and dogs and I loved tropical fish. I went to college in San Francisco, where I grew up and studied the natural sciences. Naturally, I went on to work with animals, mostly dogs and cats, in clinics and shelters for more than 15 years. It's my pleasure presently to care for your pet and make sure they get all the love and care they deserve". XXOO Lisa

Offering the finest in pet care and pet photography:

  • Drop-in visits

  • Specializing in geriatric and medical needs pets for 15 years+

  • Portraiture and action photos 

  • Free meet and greet for every new client

  • Volunteer photographer at Heartland Humane since 2019

  • Caring for your pet in their own home

  • Plant care

  • Daily mail and newspaper retrieval

  • Home safety awareness

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